RGA Hexagon Nuts are offered in many styles, materials and finishes.


Nut Styles

  • Plain Hexagon:

Also available in a thin or lock nut version.

  • Hexagon Flange:

Serrated locknut that resists loosening in vibration applications.

  • Nylon Insert

  • Lock Nuts:

Resists loosening and allows reuse.

  • Hexagon Domed:

Offers protection from protruding thread.

  • Root Nuts:

Provides capture thread in sheet panels

  • Weld Nuts:

Nut projections are welded to panels using electrical current.

Other styles include, Castle Nuts, Hexagon Slotted, Coupling, Tee Nuts and Wheel Nuts.


Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Nylon, SAF & SMO High Tensile Stainless.


Plain, Zinc, Trivalent (ROHS) Zinc, Galvanised, Chrome.

Please refer to our high tensile and commercial listings to view our range of products and contact our sales staff for any further details. Alternatively, you can fill out our online Quotation Form.

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