For secure fastening into concrete, bricks, chipboard, plasterboard and cement sheet, RGA offers a broad range of;

  • Sleeve anchors incl. Dynabolt ™, Trubolt ™

Materials: Steel Zinc Plated
Steel Galvanised
Stainless Steel 316 Grade

  • Other products include Through Bolts, Drop in Anchors, Masonry Screw Anchors
  • Chemical anchors
    o Capsule Anchoring System – includes Spin Capsule, Stud Bolt, Nut & Washer
    o Chemical Injection Anchoring System
  • Drywall and cavity anchors incl. plastic, spring and gravity toggles.
  • Light duty wall plugs and anchors incl. plasterboard self drilling plugs, nylon frame and nail anchors.

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